Back Ache Or Lower Back Pain (L.B.P)…

Back Ache Or Lower Back Pain (L.B.P)…

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  1. Abnormal posture,
  2. Unrountined life style,
  3. Prolonged forward bending,
  4. Prolonged standing,
  5. Sudden jerk,
  6. To reduce inter vertebral space,
  7. Decalcification from vertebra,
  8. Weakness of back abdominal muscles,
  9. Lack of sound sleep and exercises,
  10. Countousily biking,
  11. To use spongy bed.

These are most common causes for the back pain.

Conservative treatments for Physiotherapy is the most significant and have no side effect.

Aim of treatment:-

  • To reduce pain and stiffness of back pain.
  • To reduce reediting pain of posterior aspect of lower limb.
  • To improve proper blood circulation & conduction of impulse.
  • To correct the proper blood circulation & conduction of impulse improve muscle, strength and healthy tissue and to eliminate burning sensation of nerve.
  • To prevent forward bending of spine.
  • To prevent prolong standing & sitting.
  • To seat long time in same posture.
  • To reduce body weight and central obesity


Heat therapy such as short wave: – wave diathermy, microwave diathermy –The radiation of these equipments dipper penetration of muscles and joints.

Impulse Therapy:- Interferential therapy & tansqutenious nerve stimulation. It reduces muscle spasm and pain.

Intermittent pelvic traction:-  It relives nerve compression.

  • Avoid jerk and forward bending of spine.
  • To use limbo- Sacral corset.
  • To maintain good posture.
  • To use flat and hard bed.

Exercise Therapy:-

  • Posterior spinal mussel exercise.
  • Isometric contraction of back muscle.
  • Breading exercise.
  • Hamstring stretching exercise.
  • Straight leg raising exercise.
  • Abdominal muscle exercise.
  • Stranding of abductor, adductor, flexor and extensor muscles of hip and lower spine.


                                                                                          Dr. Manoj kumar (P.T)

                                                                                       (Consultant Physiotherapist)

                                                                                     Bihar College of Physiotherapy.